Cookie Cups with Strawberry Cream

This is a Pillsbury recipe.

1. Preheat oven to 350F.

2. Spray 24 mini muffin cups (we made 12 regular sized ones).

3. If you are using the Ready-to-Bake cookies, place one in each muffin cup. For the refrigerated cookie dough, cut into 12 equal pieces and place one in each cup. (We also shaped ours right away, pushing it up the sides, even though in the original recipe it seemed to suggest baking first then shaping, which didn’t make a lot of sense to us).

4. Bake 1o to 12 minutes. Cool in pan 10 minutes. Remove cookie cups from pan and cool completely.

5. Meanwhile, mix the Jell-O powder into the thawed Cool Whip and stir until well combined. Use a piping bag to pipe cream into the center of each cookie cup. (We had a lot of left over cream.) Drizzle melted chocolate over the top of each cup. Garnish with sugar candies if desired. Leftovers have to be stored in fridge.

Strawberry Cream filled cookie cups

Verdict: These were a really easy, really delicious dessert. I love chocolate chip cookies, so this was already starting with an advantage, but the Cool Whip and Jell-O powder cream was an easy way to make frosting that I had never considered before. I am already planning at some future point to make a grape version of this cream!



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